Recipe for Chicken Club Sandwich

Ingredients: 6 white bread slices-edges cut offbutter to spread over the breadSlices of cooked chicken2 slices of large tomatoes2 cheese slices2 fried eggs3-4 cabbage or lettuce leaves2 tsp mustard2 tbsp mayonnaise sauce

Toast the bread slices and butter on one side each. Brush with mustard and a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Place lettuce or cabbage leaves over a toast and cover with a slice of cheese.Cover with another toast and cover with tomato slices. Place a fried egg over the tomato.Cover with the white toast, buttered side down and secure together with tooth-picks. Cut diagonally into half and serve with tomato sauce and mustard on the side. Make the other sandwich in the same way.

Recipe By: Niru Gupta (Fusion Continental)

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