Recipe for Hot Potato Salad With Bacon (Aloo aur Bacon ka Garam Salad)

Ingredients: 4 rashers of bacon - diced 2 tbsp diced onion 2 tbsp chopped celery 2 tbsp diced gherkins 2 tbsp water 4 tbsp vinegar 1 tsp sugar salt and pepper 1/2 tsp chilli powder 1 tsp prepared mustard 1/2 kg boiled, peeled potatoes 6 cooked beetroot - peeled and hollowed chopped herbs to garnish

Fry bacon for 2-3 minutes and add the onion, celery and gherkins. Fry till the bacon is crisp. Add water, vinegar, sugar and spices to pan. Heat through. Add potatoes. Fill into beetroot canters. Garnish with herbs and serve immediately.

Recipe By: Roopa Gulati (Continental)

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