Recipe for Tuna with Nicoise Salad and Orange Sauce

Ingredients: 1 piece tuna or sole fish (60 gm)fennel seedssalt and pepper to taste2 tbsp olive oilNicoise Style Salad2-3 or lettuce leaves5 green beans-halved and blanched1 small potato-poached1 quail egg-poached1 cherry 3 black olivesa squeeze of a lemona drizzle of olive oilpepper-to tasteOrange Sauce500 ml orange juice reduced by half250 ml fish stock

Cut the lettuce into fine strips. Remove the stems. Keep aside.Dice the tuna/sole into fillets. Put it in a bowl, add fennel seeds and olive oil. Now shallow fry it in a little olive oil. (grill it, it says in the recipe) then season with salt and pepper. In a separate bowl mix potato, beans, tomatoes, black olives and cherry tomatoes.Now dress with lemon juice, olive oil and season with pepper. Place a bouquet of salad in the centre of a serving plate and add the tuna/sole. Place the poached egg on the plate. Drizzle the orange sauce on top of it and serve.

Recipe By: World Gourmet Summit,Singapore (Continental)

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